courtesy Sport Truck   I thought it was about time that I got to building . . . or at least planning to build my next custom truck.   My first attempt started life as a '91 Chevy C1500 Extended Cab and really didn't get too far.   I lowered it 4" in the front and 6" in the rear, added a rolled pan w/flip up license plate to access the hidden hitch, hard tonneau cover[1], tail gate handle flip kit, third tail light, 16" Centerline wheels w/BF Goodrich tires and had the grill and door handles painted red to match the exterior.   The project stalled there as I tried to find the $$ to get the interior done . . . it never happened.   I got a lot of use out of the truck, towing my jetski, etc. but it had to go to help finance my 2004 Yamaha FJR1300.   This time I would like to address the short comings of the first truck . . . and actually finish this one!   The picture to the right (courtesy of Sport Truck magazine) typifies what I would like to build, a std cab, short bed, clean sport truck.   I don't have the $$ to do a full on custom, nor would I want to . . . I like to drive and use my vehicles.   Since I'm kind of a big guy, I think I may opt for another extended cab . . . we'll see.
[1] I've been told my tonneau (Traders) was one of the first hard tonneaus shipped to the East Coast!
Bob Held


Cadillac Front End   The first thing to do is to find a relatively low mileage, used '99-02 Chevy C1500 pickup (with power windows and door locks).   This addresses 2 issues, one being the first truck did not have power windows or door locks, the second is getting an updated interior.   I thought the '91 was a little too utilitarian looking . . . plus it had a floor mat, no carpet (yuck!).   I'll take more time and choose a more appropriate color, white, gray, etc instead of bright red which should also get me a gray interior.   The only other major issue I had with the old truck was getting it into some of the places I like to go . . . I hit bottom quite often.   I'm figuring an AirRide system should fix me up nicely!   I like the look of the Cadillac front end . . . on some trucks.   On this one the bumper looks rather bulbous though and the cost may be prohibitive for me . . . at least in the beginning (photo courtesy Sport Truck magazine).